We are slowly seeing pops of bright, colorful flowers around the neighborhood. Spring is one of our favorite seasons because, along with flowers, we’ve also noticed many more smiles as we pass strangers on the street. Could it be that the springtime flowers are influencing mood? Perhaps! Colors are continuously a topic of research in order to determine how they influence our behaviors.

According to an article by The Balance, the color(s) of your interview outfit may send a subconscious message to your interviewer about your personality. To see what your outfit’s colors are saying about you, check out our list below:

  • Red: Power, courage, determination, passion
  • Orange: Expression, enthusiasm, compassion, quality
  • Green: Ambition, stability, harmony, energy
  • Blue: Sincerity, honesty, confidence, intelligence
  • Purple: Creativity, wisdom, observant, graceful
  • Black: Leadership, strength, elegance, formality
  • Brown: Dependability, friendliness, simplicity, steadfastness
  • Grey: Analytical, independence (*Did you know? Dark grey tends to have some of the same properties as black, whereas light grey tends to have some of the same properties as white.)
  • White: Organized, brilliant, possibility, sincerity

CareerBuilder recently surveyed 2,099 hiring managers and human resources professionals to see which colors they would recommend job candidates wear to their interviews. A majority of them recommended black, blue, gray and brown as the best colors to wear to job interviews. And the winner for most unprofessional color goes to… Orange. Which colors do you usually where to interviews?

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