Sometimes it’s difficult trying to stand out to an employer when there may be hundreds of people applying for the same position as you. Don’t let yourself get too discouraged! There are small investments you can make as a job seeker that will help get you noticed and a call back! Below are three valuable investments that will take you to the next level in your job search:

Thank-You Notes. We can’t stress enough the importance of sending a thank-you note after an interview! Mailing a thank-you note to your interviewer will truly set you apart from other job seekers interviewing for the same position. You may be wondering: Wouldn’t a thank-you email be sufficient? And the answer is yes, however, taking the time to write out and mail a note really shows that you put in the extra effort to make a lasting impression.

Professional Attire. First impressions are everything! According to Business Insider, you only have seven seconds to make an impression. You can make a great impression just by smiling and shaking the interviewer’s hand, but your overall appearance is a big factor in how someone will perceive you. Investing in a nice suit or dress will cost you, but you can wear it to all of your interviews and it will help you feel good about yourself and build your confidence – which is so important when you’re interviewing! If you aren’t in the market for a new suit, reach out to a non-profit organization like Bridge to Success, Goodwill, or WINGs as they can provide low-cost options for interview attire.

Business CardsBelieve it or not, even in the digital age, business cards are valuable! According to an article by NPR, up to 80 percent of job openings are not published. Networking and making professional contacts that know of available careers in your industry can really upgrade your job search! The first rule about networking is having business cards to hand out. If you’re unemployed or currently working at a different company, you should invest in personal business cards that have your contact info and the industry you’re looking to work in on them.

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