National Able Network is happy to announce that it is now serving seniors through the Senior Community Service Employment Program in central Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska!

National Able Network has been serving mature workers throughout its 40-year history, and has provided exemplary service through the Senior Community Service Employment Program since 1985. Today, seniors make up nearly half of our country’s workforce, and according to U.S. News, that number is expected to grow by almost 20 percent over the next 10 years!

“It’s organizations like National Able Network and programs like the Senior Community Service Employment Program that help mature workers build the skills and confidence necessary to enter the workforce and develop a path to self-sufficiency,” said National Able Network Vice President of Workforce Services and Development, Patricia Wilkins.

The Senior Community Service Employment Program is the only federally funded program that provides low-income seniors with resources to help them seamlessly reenter the workforce. Through this program, seniors receive paid part-time community services positions and work-based training at local non-profit organizations. Last year, National Able Network provided training and employment resources to 1,466 seniors nationally. These senior participants, in turn, provided upwards of 800,000 working hours at local organizations in their communities!

Click here for a full list of National Able Network’s service locations! If you are age 55 years old or better and looking to return to the workforce, please call 855-994-8300 or visit our website to learn more!