In honor of Veterans Day this week, National Able Network Career Coach and U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Kat Schaeffer, who started her career with National Able Network last November, shares her thoughts on the great work her team has been doing in her first year! Read more, below:

The past 12 months working with the Veterans Forward at National Able Network have been a complete whirlwind, and as we edge closer to the year’s end it seems next year will be just as exciting! Getting to serve veterans is the most enjoyable and rewarding work experience I have ever had. One of my favorite parts of working on the Veterans Forward team is the willingness of all our team members to just dive in and get the job done; if something doesn’t work we rework everything until we find something that does. Our team’s goal is to help veterans move forward in their careers and meet their employment goals in the most efficient way possible, and that remains our top priority despite any other factor.

The veterans we serve often talk about how our program is different than many others they have encountered. I think part of that comes from our model of veterans serving veterans. We all have a shared experience; our time in the military. That shared experience not only helps us make a personal connection with all of our clients, but it also makes it easier for us to help them. As a veteran I can look at another veteran’s resume and help them translate their military experience into language that makes sense in the civilian workforce. My goal every day is to help the veterans I’m serving make their transition into the civilian workforce easier than it was for me.

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