Unfortunately, the topic of ageism in the workplace is all too common, especially when dealing with careers in technology. Thankfully National Able Network and the Information Technology Sector Center are constantly working towards fighting ageism and assisting older workers in finding fulfilling careers!

Read below to see how Information Technology Sector Center Senior Program Manager, David Jacobs advises individuals on how to battle ageism in the IT industry!


Do you have any resources or advice for individuals dealing with ageism in the Information Technology (IT) industry?


That’s a loaded question! Does ageism exist in the workplace particularly when it comes to IT (even though it is a violation of labor laws)? Absolutely. Can it be a barrier to reentering the workforce? Not necessarily.

Just as consumers favor the new and shiny iPhone 7 over the now-suddenly-outdated-but-still-only-a-year-old-iPhone 6S, IT companies seem to prefer the latest and newest when it comes to employees. While that can come in the form of picking younger employees over older ones, it also applies to the skill set of an individual employee regardless of age.

Business Insider published a great article last year on this very topic, click here to read now! It summarizes some of the strategies that older workers need to employ and it also gives a realistic appraisal of what the barriers are.

Technology moves fast. Individuals who have a successful career in IT must make an investment in making sure their skills are up-to-date. They’ve got to leverage their network of connections – an advantage that they have over most younger job seekers – to give them a leg up on finding their next career.

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