On September 16, National Able Network’s own Joaquin Barry took Lumpen Radio WLPN by storm! Joaquin appeared on Tech Scene Chicago to discuss diversity in the tech sector, Able’s client success stories, and what type of work is trending in the tech community.

Joaquin talked with host Melanie Adcock about working tirelessly for his clients each day, a process he refers to as “scheme, scheme, plot, plot,” as he reaches out to company recruiters through a complex web of phone calls and social networking to get his qualified job seekers hired.

Joaquin explained that in his experience, many hiring managers don’t look for a candidate with perfect IT skills, but seek out an ability to adapt as well as strong communication skills. He also pointed out that the industry suffers from “the perception that women and minorities can’t do the job,” but that there are many companies and initiatives, including Able, that are working to correct imbalances.

Joaquin also discussed one of his favorite Able success stories: himself! He came to Able after the 2008 financial crisis to brush up on his IT skills, and now works helping job seekers find their best fit!

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