For many people, Labor Day officially marks the end of summer – it can also mark the start of a new school year and potentially a new career!

With Labor Day weekend on the horizon, it’s the perfect time for job seekers to focus on themselves and to determine their career goals and how they will go about achieving them. Take these next few days and follow the steps below to get started on your new career path!

-Reflect on the career you truly want. If you’re still debating on what your next career should be, you should take time and reflect on what is important to you and your future. If you’ve always wanted to be a chef but don’t have the experience, look into training programs and find a way to make your dream a reality! Nothing is impossible – this is true for your career as well.

Set aside a specific time to update your resume and cover letter. Labor Day weekend can be very busy with parties, preparing the kids for the new school year, and other tasks. Devote few hours on Saturday and/or Sunday to give your undivided attention to cleaning up your resume and cover letter. This is serious business. You don’t want to risk a typo or grammatical error on documents that you’re sending off to potential employers. (Pro-tip: Be meticulous and have a friend or family member proof-read your resume and cover letter before submitting!)

-Connect with your network (aka your friends and family). If you’re already planning to attend a few cook-outs this weekend, it’s a great opportunity to let your friends and family know that you’re job searching and inform them exactly what kind of career you’re looking for. (Remember: Almost 75 percent of all jobs that get filled per year go to a “known candidate.”)

After you’ve completed these steps, you should visit National Able Network’s website and apply online to work one-on-one with an expert Career Coach who will help you to achieve your career goals!

The last step: Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!