At the age of 57, Martha* was both unemployed and homeless. She lost her job in accounting after the recession in 2008 and found it difficult to obtain full-time work since. Her ultimate goal was to return to the workforce full-time, gain self-sufficiency, and find a home.

Martha learned about National Senior Network through a referral at her homeless shelter and decided to take the first step to employment. She was enrolled in the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) and immediately began training in the Loaner Laptop Program to enhance her computer skills.

After increasing her digital literacy through the Loaner Laptop Program, Martha was assigned to train at Valley Works One Stop Career Center. Through this training, Martha was able to continue enhancing her computer skills, interpersonal skills, and conflict resolution abilities. Martha also practiced her interviewing and networking skills.

Throughout her time at National Senior Network, Martha grew professionally and personally. Just a few weeks ago, Martha was hired by Valley Work One Stop Career Center as the new part-time Learning Lab Monitor! In her new role, Martha will assist clients of the center in using the computers for training programs and more. She is back on track to achieving self-sufficiency again!

Martha is looking forward to her future as an employee at Valley Works One Stop Career Center and is grateful for the help from National Senior Network. “Thank you for all of your help and support. It has been a pleasure working with all of the staff! Working with National Senior Network gave me great training and also the opportunity for my new position. Thanks again – my exciting future is about to begin!”

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*Name changed to protect our client’s privacy.