The month of May marks the beginning of Older Americans Month!

You may be asking yourself, “What is Older Americans Month?” According to the Administration on Aging, Older Americans Month is used to raise awareness about important issues faced by older adults, and highlights how older Americans are advocating for themselves, their peers, and their communities. This year, the theme of Older Americans Month is “Blaze a Trail.” Throughout May, we will commemorate Older Americans Month by posting inspiring success stories of our senior participants who are blazing a trail for themselves in new careers!

For nearly 40 years, National Able Network has helped older workers return to the workforce and obtain self-sufficiency. Unfortunately, older workers make up 8.9 percent of the unemployed population in the United States. According to Able Vice President of Workforce Services and Development, Patricia Wilkins, older Americans are a significant portion of our county’s population that are continuously overlooked in the workforce.

“Older workers are a segment of the workforce that historically have been overlooked and underutilized. Hiring older workers can help your organization maintain a reliable, dedicated workforce; they have unique skills and experiences and will add value to your organization. Older Americans Month gives National Able Network and other organizations a platform to showcase how valuable older Americans are to employers and to the workforce as a whole.”

At Able we serve thousands of older Americans each year, and we are excited to share their successes with you throughout Older Americans Month! Stay tuned!