It is well documented how rapidly the older worker population is increasing each year.

By 2019, 25 percent of the United States Labor Force will be comprised of workers ages 55 years or older. Older workers are remaining in the workforce longer due to a variety of reasons. For many, they enjoy working and want to continue being an active and productive member of their community. There is also the very real financial need for older adults to continue working beyond the traditional retirement age.

When you review the data on unemployed older adults, the need for workforce assistance programs becomes strikingly clear. Roughly 55 percent of the unemployed senior population (about 1.1 million individuals) have been unemployed for six months or more and are consequently viewed as “long-term unemployed.”

For almost 40 years, National Able Network has focused on addressing the workforce and training needs of older workers. We are excited to announce the expansion of our Senior Services to include a new program funded through AARP Foundation’s BACK TO WORK 50+ Initiative. BACK TO WORK 50+ allows us to expand our offerings to older workers by providing workforce assistance to jobseekers over the age of 50.

Historically, Able has provided workforce and training services to low-income workers 55 years of age or older. With BACK TO WORK 50+, we are thrilled to have this opportunity to work with older workers who have previously been unable to utilize our services!

BACK TO WORK 50+ is a collaborative effort between AARP Foundation and National Able Network designed to assist 50+ job seekers by connecting them with the information, support, training, and employer access needed to regain employment and sustain their income.  A career coach will assist job candidates with developing a job search plan, creating the tools that will increase their visibility, and connecting with people and organizations that will help them gain marketable skills in this current economy and secure employment.

To register for an upcoming 7 Smart Strategies for 50+ Jobseekers Workshop, please call 855-850-2525 or click here.