National Able Network hosted a panel discussion on October 1, 2015 with business leaders about hiring best-practices and trends. The discussion was part of an agency-wide professional development training designed to help Able’s staff better prepare our clients for successful entrance into the workforce.

The discussion was facilitated by Len Harris, Director of Veterans Programs, and the panel included: Adela Carlin from LAF, John Fakhoury from Framework Communications, Tiffany Fitting from YJT Solutions, Ed Guerrero from Catholic Charities, Sharon Lawrence from NorthShore University HealthSystem and Julie Roth from Hospira.

The panelists fielded numerous questions from the audience, most of which were focused on the type of advice and strategies we should be providing to our job seeking clients. Some of the advice offered included:

“Embrace silence in an interview.”

“The elevator speech is key!”

“Find something you are passionate about; find something that plays to your strengths and continue to learn.”

“Build your own brand around what you do.”

“If you make mistakes, get back up. Don’t stop trying.”

The panelists also spoke to their personal experiences in hiring job candidates from Able, all of which were exceedingly positive.  Some discussed how Able’s specialized Senior Services and Business Solutions helped them quickly and easily identify qualified candidates for their open positions while others discussed how recent veteran hires through Veterans Forward were smart, cost-effective business decisions, as they bring their highly-valuable, previously-acquired skills and training with them.

Reflecting on the discussion, Len said, “We are always looking for ways to strengthen and leverage our employer partner relationships and what this panel discussion did was give us some understanding of our partners’ unique hiring needs and insight into how we can prepare our clients to meet those needs, which allows us to better serve both.”

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