Rumpa Suwannetr came to National Able Network in search of career assistance, but little did she know that in a few months she would be helping others start their own career paths!

Rumpa previously worked in the foodservice industry, but wanted to start a new career path. She enrolled in Able’s Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) to receive training and support. Rumpa attended a number of Job Readiness Training workshops to help build skills and fulfill her goal of transitioning into a new career path. In addition to the workshops, she participated in work-based training at WorkOne, a workforce development organization in Evansville, Ind. Rumpa’s dedication and work ethic was so impressive that when an Intermittent Claims Taker position opened up at WorkOne, she applied and was hired!

Through Job Readiness Training, Rumpa learned how to effectively complete online applications, developed successful interview techniques and brushed up on the customer services skills that she cultivated in her previous career. In fact, Rumpa became so proficient in these skills that she now uses her experience and training to assist her clients in improving their own job search skills!

Ultimately, through her SCSEP experience, Rumpa has successfully transitioned into a new, satisfying career that allows her help others: “I continue to enjoy my employment and once again [being] a productive individual.”

Keep up the great work, Rumpa, and continue inspiring!

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