Job seekers often encounter barriers during their job search which can make finding a fulfilling career difficult. One such barrier is finding affordable childcare while they go on interviews or begin working a full-time job. Thanks to a grant from the Skokie Community Fund, National Able Network has teamed up with Childcare Network of Evanston (CNE) to offer exclusive career resources to their clients!

Jamie Ferguson, Director of Marketing and Communications at CNE said, “The parents at CNE were thrilled to be offered the resources provided by National Able Network. Many of our parents are ambitious, hard-working adults who are seeking a little extra guidance when it comes to their personal core messaging and building a professional network. Through National Able Network, and our grant from the Skokie Community Fund, we are able to provide them with that guidance, and keep them moving on their journey of not just being great parents, but being the best version of themselves to themselves.”

The job market has changed drastically over the past few years and current clients of CNE may have been out of the workforce while taking care of their families. Thankfully, National Able Network offers resources such as resume/cover letter writing workshops, interview preparation, the art of job hunting, the science behind Applicant Tracking Systems, and more!

While clients are attending workshops hosted by National Able Network, their children are under the supervision of CNE. This extended childcare helps the parents concentrate throughout the workshop. Most of the parents in attendance are currently working, but are underemployed and looking for careers that will help them achieve self-sufficiency and provide for their families.

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