After four years of working with some of the most remarkable professionals and passionate clients, it has come time to branch out into another level of my career. Please know, National Able Network has been much more than a job, it has been an opportunity in many ways for me. In my time here, I’ve been able to give and receive in the areas of training, mentoring, and seeing the best in people. I am truly thankful to have been a part of our growth and success and to uphold the integrity that serves as the foundation to this great agency.

To our customers:

Thank you for allowing me to guide and teach you about job readiness, patience, finding the silver lining, and accomplishing goals. Thank you for allowing me to counsel and listen, to be the one you turned to when the light wasn’t so bright. Thank you for trusting me with your personal journeys and continuously coming back to me with the stories of how you’ve found gainful employment. It is because of these things that I came to work every day with a purpose.

To our staff:

Thank you for accepting me into a position and trusting me with our customers. Thank you for believing in me as a person new to Chicago with great passion and little workforce knowledge. Thank you for investing in me and giving me the opportunity to wear many hats in more than one department. I am a well-rounded professional because of this.

To my team:

Thank you for truly believing in me, supporting me in every project, and trusting me with new ideas. Thank you for listening after hours, accepting me completely without judgement, and, most importantly, thank you for making me laugh until my stomach hurt. It is because of you that I consider myself a true training expert and exude confidence.

One thing I’ve always tried to be, and will be in the future, is a positive person. In parting, I encourage you to take a look at where you are right now and consider it an opportunity. It’s either one you need to act on and make changes, or one that you can flourish in. Be well and move forward!

-Jennifer Caceres

Photo: Jennifer Caceres and Fred Hairston