At National Able Network, we have a great team of Career Coaches that make it their main objective to help job seekers achieve their career goals! Coral Duarte, who has been helping clients achieve their goals for the last five years, has her office walls covered in SEED cards from her very grateful clients! SEED stands for “Successful Employees Every Day” and SEED cards are a way for National Able Network to capture feedback from our clients. Coral’s collection of positive SEED cards speak for themselves, but here are a few of the kind messages from some of Coral’s past clients:

I received exceptional help from Coral. She’s very attentive and a great communicator! Looking forward to seeing you again!

Coral was a great help. She was very insightful and lead me in the right direction faster than I ever thought. Thank you!”

After reading all of Coral’s amazing client reviews, we wanted to know the secret to her success as a Career Coach…

How do you communicate so well with your clients?

I return phone calls and emails left by clients in a timely manner. I make sure during the first initial appointment with a client that he or she feels comfortable in reaching out to me for questions that are training or job search related, and I definitely let clients know that overall National Able Network is here to assist them in achieving training and employment goals, so that they can receive the necessary tools needed to successfully reenter the workforce long term. I also display a friendly attitude with clients, which I believe plays an important role while they’re enrolled in our program.

What is your most memorable client moment?

My most memorable moments have been when clients obtain employment as a result of the guidance that I provided them along the way; whether it be enrolling them into a training program, passing a certification exam, job readiness workshop, or encouraging the client to volunteer. Clients are always thankful knowing that I, as a career coach, set aside time to check in on them and expressed dedication while providing them with that extra encouragement needed to achieve his or her goal.

What do you enjoy most about being a Career Coach at National Able Network?

I love my job as a Career Coach. I enjoy when clients thank me for guiding them through the training process etc., and simply saying thank you for helping them achieve training and employment goals. That is the most rewarding part of my job as a Career Coach, knowing that I made a difference.

Keep up the great work, Coral!

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