Reentering the workforce as a mature worker can be intimidating. Learning new skills can be even more intimidating. However, our recent Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) participants have shown much courage throughout their journey in the program and throughout their experience in Job Readiness Training.

National Able Network offers Job Readiness Training to all program participants to assist them in their job search. The topics addressed in Job Readiness Training include developing your resume and cover letter, preparing for an interview, completing online job applications, and more. In the past, the Senior Services team has noticed that our SCSEP participants have varied reactions to the training. Some participants were excited to learn, while others became overwhelmed by the curriculum. With our most recent group of SCSEP participants, we have seen a tremendous amount of positivity and eagerness to participate in training!

These enthusiastic mature adults attended Job Readiness Training for all of the right reasons — they wanted to learn new skills, network with their peers, and apply the information they have learned in their future job search. The participants were passionate, lively, caring, and they loved sharing. Each day they shared personal and professional experiences that helped their counterparts. They absolutely enjoyed learning about each topic that was presented and discussed and they challenged the Senior Services team every day. Our participants held themselves accountable, were committed to becoming self-sufficient, and displayed a great amount of energy. It was truly a pleasure working with such an outstanding group of people!

Thank you to our participants for being so courageous in your training! You are all in inspiration to us.

If you’re a mature worker looking to enter or reenter the workforce, visit our website here or call us at 855-994-8300.