The IT Career Lab team is proud to announce the addition of Jon Kimmel who is taking the role of IT Account Manager by storm! Jon originally hails from Michigan, and has been employed as an IT recruiter for 5 years at private firms throughout the Chicagoland area. Jon brings a wealth of experience with him to IT Career Lab, specifically his past experience running a “full desk” where he was responsible for sourcing both companies and talent related to all aspects of IT Development life cycles including: project managers, analysts, developers, infrastructure engineers and support specialists. I recently spoke with Jon about what he plans to achieve while working for the IT Career Lab program at National Able Network

Jon, how do you plan to help IT Career Lab students?

“I plan to leverage their certifications, as well as bring their resumes to the forefront with my connections in the IT industry. I’m passionate about advocating for each and every individual, and never hesitate to contact or submit a candidate for the IT job openings I receive.”

Why do you like working in the IT industry?

“I enjoy working in the IT industry because it’s both a hobby as well as a vocation. I really enjoy learning about the latest and greatest technologies, and am pursuing a few IT certifications currently on my own. IT jobs are the jobs of the future, and given that the industry is growing at such a rapid pace, I feel it’s exceedingly important individuals receive the training and experience necessary to keep up with the changes.”

Why did you want to join the IT Career Lab team?

“What attracted me to IT Career Lab was the training model which enables students to actually earn certifications during the course of their training.  It’s structured so that the content is delivered at a pace that people can comprehend, which I’ve found makes a significant difference when someone’s goal is to obtain certifications.  In my short time with IT Career Lab, I’ve already found that the quality of the education individuals receive, plus our certification success rates make our graduates extremely desirable candidates for the growing number of available IT jobs which come across my desk.”

We are very excited and grateful to have Jon working with us to help our IT Career Lab students achieve greatness! Click here to learn more about IT Career Lab or connect with Jon directly at, or 312-994-4345.