Finding employment can be difficult. Finding an empathetic person to talk to about your job search can be even more difficult. One way to alleviate the stress of your job search is to connect with other job seekers. Discussing your career journey with fellow job seekers can be a supportive experience that will help you become more successful in your job search. With that in mind, National Able Network recently invited our clients to join Job Search Work Teams.

As a member of a Job Search Work Team, our clients commit to a structured job search approach while also sharing connections and other information that may be helpful to fellow clients in the group.  One particular client that joined one of our Job Search Work Teams at the Chicago Workforce Center recently is Whitney Jefferson.  Whitney has prior experience in retail customer service, but would like to use her retail skills to transition into the administrative field. Whitney’s experience in the Job Search Work Team has been a very positive one. According to Whitney, sharing her own job search experience with others helps in her own job search.

In Whitney’s words, “Every time I come to a Job Search Work Team session, I leave feeling so inspired and good. I feel more open to share my job search progress with this group because everyone is looking for work and they don’t judge you. I like hearing from the other members about their diverse backgrounds and job fields; not to mention the struggles that they have during their job search and how they overcome those challenges. I’ve been telling other people about Job Search Work Teams and National Able Network.” 

To learn more about how to join National Able Network’s Job Search Work Teams, please call 855-994-8300 or click here to visit our website.