Each day, the team at National Able Network gives great advice to job seekers throughout the country, so this holiday season, we asked our team to share their best job tip with all of you!


1. “Don’t sit around the hour waiting for your dream job to show up – get out and volunteer. Employers look highly on those who take the initiative and stay productive.” – Kurt Kegerreis, Indiana State Director

2. “Help your confidence during a job search by tackling something that you may fear. The opportunity to use a different part of your brain and the emotional high will give you a boost that you can take to your job hunt.” – Susan Jepson, Massachusetts State Director

3. “Keep a positive and enthusiastic attitude – both can go a long way!” – Erika Nowak, Director of Adult Literacy and Trade Adjustment Assistance

4. “Network! Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a job. Someone that knows your strengths may know of an available position that would be perfect for you.”Violet Hatch, Area Program Manager

5. “Never be afraid to take that extra step to get noticed.” – Amalia Perez del Pulgar, Area Program Manager

6. “When it comes down to it, the key to acing your interview is to convince the employer that hiring you is a fiscally responsible move or a positive return on their investment. The best way to demonstrate this is to talk about your record of financial wins and cite specific examples of when you’ve been able to save a company time and/or money.” – Matthew Weis, Senior Director of Able Career Institute

7. “Make sure that people know that you are looking for work. It is likely that your next job lead will come from some sort of connection.” – Matthew Daigler, Career Coach

8. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help when searching for that next best job or career. You maybe one contact, one phone call, or one email away from landing the job of your dreams.” – Michael Ames, Business Services Consultant

9. “Create ‘targeted’ job search communications (cover letters, résumés, LinkedIn profiles, etc.) with industry specific terminology (buzz words, key words) from the job posting to improve search engine optimization.” – Fred Hairston, Training Specialist

10. “Your job search should include a focus on identifying what you are passionate about. When you focus on your passions, the job interviews will be easier and the new job will not be a chore.” – Bob Menard, Veterans Forward Career Coach

11. “Incorporate volunteer work into your job search.  It is an excellent way to expand your network!  If you volunteer within your industry, you may quickly establish new connections that can link you to hiring managers.” – Angela Lopez, Chicago Workforce Center Site Director

12. “Stay Engaged! Remember family, friends, and previous co-workers can be your support system while you’re job searching. Maintaining communication with your network can be difficult, especially with those that are employed. These are the people you want to stay engaged with!” – Francheska Feliciano, Director, Workforce Investment Act 

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