National Able Network has recently expanded its Business Solutions branch to engage with employers that are interested in hiring our qualified, job-ready candidates. Below is an interview with our two Business Development Principals, Marquis Scott and Dana Kenny who are diligently working with employers to assure our clients find fulfilling, long-term careers.

Read more about Marquis and Dana in the interview below:

What are your current roles at National Able Network?

Marquis:  Since I have been at National Able Network, I have worked in the capacity of Career Coach and IT Career Lab Recruiter.  My newest role as Business Development Principal is definitely the most significant and vital to achieving National Able Network’s mission.  As a Business Development Principal, our main objective is to develop business relationships which will help to procure fulfilling employment for National Able Network customers.  This role also provides us the opportunity to help give job seekers access to job training resources and transition veterans, seniors and unemployed individuals into high-growth industries like Information Technology.

Dana: Marquis and I are the Business Development Principals at National Able Network. In this role, we are responsible for connecting with employers that are looking to place qualified candidates into open positions within their organization. This is a hybrid role created to expand National Able Network’s reach to prospective partners as well as expanding the agency’s reach to most-in-need job seekers.

What was your previous work experience prior to coming to National Able Network? What brought you to the nonprofit sector?

Marquis: Like Dana, I have also worked in the nonprofit sector for the past six years. Initially I was in IT sales and radio broadcasting. I transitioned into the nonprofit industry because I volunteered at a Cook County Workforce Center as part of my duties with a previous company.

Dana: For the last six years, I have worked in the nonprofit sector. Most recently I worked for United Way of Metropolitan Chicago as the New Business Relationship Manager/Major Gifts Officer. In this role, my responsibilities were to engage corporate partners and donors in philanthropic activities to help the organization reach its revenue goals. Bring in new businesses, reengage lapsed accounts, and build strong lasting relationships within the philanthropic community.

How did your previous experience prepare you to become Business Development Principals at a nonprofit organization such as National Able Network?

Marquis: My sales and broadcasting background have played a huge part in my progression into the Business Development Principal role. Being able to adequately communicate our services to potential employer partners is a vital part of this position. I have been able to take those transferrable skills along with my previous experiences and apply them to this position.

Dana: I believe it was my understanding of relationship building and ability to identify key opportunities that secured my candidacy in this position. Working for United Way, which is also a partner of National Able Network, played a major part in the decision to bring me on board. Reaching back a bit further, having a understanding of the impact unemployment has on a community, family and individual, as well as having a passion to find solutions for change prepared me to fulfill this role.

What are the top three qualities businesses look for in potential job candidates?

Marquis: The Three P’s: Passion, Pride and Personality

Dana: Someone that can work independently, can problem solve, and is resilient.

Why do you think businesses utilize nonprofits to find qualified job candidates versus a traditional staffing agency?

Marquis: It’s a cost  and time saving hiring business solution.

Dana: Cost. The number one reason is cost.

What are the benefits of using National Able Network to find qualified job candidates?

Marquis:  National Able Network is Chicagoland’s leading provider of no-cost business solutions and no-cost services for job seekers. We offer a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge staffing, training, and business development solutions for companies of any size.

Dana: We can pre-screen qualified candidates, coordinate large scale hiring events, and even provide subsidies for onboarding and training. Our business solutions help organizations maximize their daily operations through no-cost solution products. As we are expanding and building partnerships, we are always looking for ways to make our service and products better. This is a great time to partner with National Able Network as we are strengthening the workforce of today to create careers for tomorrow.


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