Over the years of working as a Trainer with National Able Network, important topics regarding job seekers resurface often.  Amongst them, Social Media is one that always seems to get people talking, specifically our older workers.  Based on comments and questions in recent trainings, I would like to address a few items regarding the topic.  As you read the following questions, understand that it isn’t so much that these quotes are incorrect (they are by the way), but somewhere down the line, older workers have been wrongfully influenced that Social Media is not for them.

1.       “Why should I be on Facebook?  My kids and grandkids will get into my business if I have a profile.”

Following general safety tips and utilizing security settings within Facebook can protect information you deem private.  You have control of what is posted about you, and what others can see, if you set it up your security settings properly. (This goes for all Social Media websites)
76 percent of social job seekers found their last position through Facebook.  What this means is that people are finding work through people they know – networking! Although technology may be challenging, there are great tutorials to learn at your own pace.

2.       “LinkedIn?  No, it’s not for someone older like me who has never had a fancy job.”

Organizations such as AARP are partnering with LinkedIn to integrate professional networking. Small success stories include a homeless woman living in her car with little professional experience who was taught to use LinkedIn.  She ended up getting a job based on connecting with someone she knew from the past.  Anyone can benefit from using LinkedIn, no matter your occupation.
94 percent of users are recruiters or employers looking for candidates for job openings.  That’s a lot!

3.       “My grandkids are on Twitter, but they’ve told me that’s no place for me.”

Every minute, job openings and job search tips are posted.  (Yes, every minute.) You do not have to “tweet” to be on Twitter, in fact, 44 percent of users have never tweeted! Since 2012, users of Twitter ages 55-64 has grown by 79 percent.  It is growing in use, specifically by older users. You are not alone if you’re new to this.

With Americans working longer than ever before, making your social media footprint truly is important.  Some employers have reported that candidates who do not have Social Media presence are often looked at as “behind, not able to keep up with technology, or hiding something.”  That’s the last impression we want you to make on a potential employer.

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