Last week, Able was proud to host Orville Pierson, an employment services professional and the author of several books on searching for a new job and navigating unemployment. Mr. Pierson joined us as part of the agency’s work to incorporate a number of innovations into our services, including the Job Search Work Team model found in Mr. Pierson’s most recent book, Team Up! Find a Better Job Faster with a Job Search Work Team.

To us, implementation of these Job Search Work Teams represents our most exciting service innovation. Based on a method scientifically proven to speed the search and reduce unemployment length, Job Search Work Teams are groups of 6 to 12 people who meet weekly to supercharge their job searches together. Orville Pierson himself met with our team to answer all of our questions and help us gain insight into what makes this experience successful for participants.

But that’s not the only new and improved program here at Able: the Workforce Services Department has revamped the entire orientation process to provide essential information about the current job market and how Workforce Investment Act programming can assist clients who want to resume their careers, start new careers, or work toward their dream jobs. Clients can also learn about programming designed to suit their individual needs: Training Guidance Workshops are available for those interested in short-term work training; this type of training is a great way to upgrade and enhance needed credentials to make someone marketable for great career-path jobs.

We’re also introducing an intensive pre-registration Crash Course for clients seeking Able programming to provide crucial tools and research for a successful job search. These include important but often overlooked strategies such as developing occupational goals and creating a professional core message. Upon completion of the Crash Course, clients will have a great foundation for completing a job search in today’s tough job market.

Finally, Able clients also have the opportunity to participate in our vast selection of Job Readiness Training workshops that cover topics such as: How to Develop a Job Search Plan, Introduction to Social Media, Mock Interviewing and more! These workshops are tightly focused on single aspects of the career path, from Day One of the job search to gaining employment and even expertise in navigating the workplace as an employee.

For more information on the expertise and resources that Able can offer to jobseekers, please check out our SlideShare presentation below and call 855-994-8300, click, or walk in to a service location today. You can also submit application information online. Happy hunting!