For nearly four decades, National Able Network has helped businesses streamline their hiring needs by providing connections to highly-qualified job candidates. We have always been early adopters of the latest technology: During the 1980s we used the “Job Hotline” to build relationships with job seekers and employers!

Fast forward to today, and we are still pioneering processes with emerging technologies that connect our employer partners to qualified job candidates in their communities. In the past month alone, we have hosted a handful of extremely successful hiring events to help businesses build the workforce they need to grow. One of our retail partners is opening a brand new store, and they were interested in hiring local talent within the community. Our custom screening process connected the store’s hiring team to more than 15 new employees! In a separate event, one of our other partners was looking to connect with job candidates who possessed very specialized skills. In just over a week, we screened and presented more than 350 qualified candidates! These outcomes are the result of a best-practice approach that Able has developed.

When working with Able to fill your workforce needs, you can expect:

Targeted Audience Outreach: Outreach is made easier by defining your ideal job candidate. Targeted outreach is one of the many ways workforce development non-profits can assist in your company’s recruiting. Many workforce development non-profits have a wide client base from which employers can choose from, which simplifies the process.

Organized Screening and Registration Process: Workforce Development non-profit organizations tend to have recruitment events down to a science. At Able, we have a comprehensive in-house call center which functions as the lifeblood for filling recruiting events with potential job candidates. Able also uses a web-based event registration and management system to reach and organize registrants.

Promotion: With every recruiting event, Able provides a series of promotions through a range of communication channels where your target audience can be reached. Because we have such a successful track record in connecting individuals to employment, word of mouth is a powerful force in finding the best match.

Utilizing workforce development non-profit organizations to assist in recruiting job candidates can make the process less daunting. Whether you have one position or 1,000 positions to fill, National Able Network takes all the guesswork out of the job candidate hiring process.

(Photo: Operation Able Annual Report 1982-1983)