Wal-Mart is committed to hiring local talent and making sure the community benefits through new jobs and greater access to retail and grocery goods. Able works very closely with local employers in the retail industry, through services like industry-specific training and certification as well as job fairs and direct referrals for interested jobseekers. Able developed a customized screening process to help Wal-Mart identify excellent employees. Helping to make the hiring process more effective and efficient is an important boon to the local economy as well – retail is a major industry in Illinois, and grew by more than 6,000 jobs in the state in the first half of 2013. Additionally, the U.S Department of Labor projects that retail industry employment will grow nationally by 17 percent through 2020. Able and workforce development agencies like us work to connect jobseekers to these growing industries – helping them grow faster as a result, and ensuring that our communities grow and benefit along with them.

Are you interested in a career in retail? Able will be hosting another Wal-Mart hiring event on Monday, June 16. If interested, please register here.