When Pat Harris came to National Able Network, she needed help. Not only did she have rent and utilities to pay, but her late husband had left behind bills of his own. To make matters worse, she found jobs scarce as she entered the market just before the Great Recession.

As Pat participated in Able’s Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), she gained confidence and work experience. Before the program, she was anxious when talking to others, but as she worked as a Client Services Representative for other SCSEP participants, she became an outstanding recruiter of participants with a big heart for trying to help everyone she could.

After she completed her participation in SCSEP, Pat had this to say: “I am so proud of myself.  I have paid off all of my bills – this took me a whole sixteen months.  I actually paid off bills that my husband left when he died in 2007.  My rent and utilities are paid in advance.  I have been able to help all my children when they were unable to pay a bill – a car payment – get groceries – or get gas – or go to the doctor.  My pets are included in my daily care too.”

Some of the goals that SCSEP helps participants achieve are not always tangible in terms of the data we measure as an agency, but they’re no less important. “I feel I have gained some personal and genuine friendships,” Pat says, and “I am no longer afraid to talk to people.”

With a new outlook on life, and a new set of valuable job skills, Pat is well-equipped to successfully find a permanent position. She’ll work directly with Able to show employers just how great of an asset she can be, and in no time the heart and spirit she puts into her work will help her reach even greater heights!

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(Photo: The resource center at National Able Network’s Indiana office.)