Mission Moments


Jacqueline Whalum-Clay came to National Able Network hoping to enhance her job search after being laid off from her job as an Equal Employment Officer. She learned about National Able Network through a job fair and was eager to get her next career path started: “I worked in a specialty area and there’s not a lot of opportunities our there, so I was looking for job leads and any advice I could get!”

Jacqueline began meeting with her Job Search Work Team and working one-on-one with her Career Coach, Rocio Montoya. Through her work with National Able Network, Jacqueline found a career as an Employee Relations Adviser! Congratulations, Jacqueline!



Jason Ratliff

Jason Ratliff came to National Able Network seeking job training to help him get back to work after personal obstacles forced him to leave a job he loved as a truck technician. His Career Coach, Cheryl Travis helped him enroll in training to earn his Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Thanks to his hard work and Cheryl’s encouragement, Jason completed his training successfully, and was seeking new employment when he was contacted by his previous employer. They asked him to return to work, and thanks to his new training they offered him a raise! Jason is now back doing the work that he loves!


Davita White

Davita White was out of work for more than a year when she heard about National Able Network through a former co-worker. She was hoping that Able could help her pursue better job leads, improve her interview skills, and find a way to “sell herself on paper.” Able met and exceeded Davita’s expectations! She began taking classes to improve her social media, networking, and interview skills, all while following job leads from her career coach. Davita also became an active participant in her Job Search Work Team, where she met with fellow job seekers to get feedback regarding her job search.

Davita felt her time at Able advanced her skills dramatically! Her improved networking skills helped her learn about a job she thought she would be perfect for: HR Administrative Coordinator. Sure enough, Davita was right! She is now back in the workforce and loving every minute of it!


Richard Gutierrez

Richard was looking for career guidance after being laid off from his job as a truck driver and quickly realized that working in Information Technology was a no-brainer for him. He enrolled in IT Career Lab and was impressed by the program; not only was it immersive and fast-paced, but the subject matter was complex!

While at times it was challenging to try and absorb so much information so fast, Richard worked hard and received his Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) certification. Since leaving IT Career Lab, he has been hard at work in IT, doing contract work as a PC technician! Richard is quick to praise Able for helping him figure out where he wanted to go, and then help him get there: “Able held my hand through the entire process.”


After being laid off from her job as a real estate closing coordinator, Marcia Green was very motivated to get back to work quickly because she is the primary caregiver of her disabled husband: “[A job search] can be very scary when people are obligated to you. It can be tiring, and as you get older it gets more challenging, you have to find new strategies and set new expectations,” said Marcia.

To support her new strategy, Marcia came to National Able Network, enrolled in the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and began working with Career Coach, Rocio Montoya. Rocio helped her update her resume and locate job fair information and other resources. Marcia also joined a Job Search Work Team, a group of fellow job seekers who discuss their job search progress with one another. Thanks to her focus and updated skills, Marcia is back in the real estate industry working as an administrative assistant! Great work, Marcia!






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