Mission Moments


Crystaline “Crys” Charity graduated with a degree in English and Writing from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and worked as an administrator at the college for more than 20 years! However, after more than two decides at the school, Crys decided it was time for a change and began to pursue a career more aligned with her education!

While working with National Able Network, Crys learned how to craft a resume in today’s job market, as well as how to incorporate new job search methods. Through her hard work and commitment, Crys was offered a position in higher education! When asked about her new career, Crys said: “The people are wonderful. It is encouraging; I never really got that holistically in other positions. I have room to grow.”


Tonji had worked as a shuttle bus driver since 2009, but was unfortunately laid off along with a few of her co-workers. Tonji had a career goal of earning her Commercial Driver’s License, which would offer her a higher-paying and more steady career. After a few weeks of unemployment, Tonji decided to get started on her new career path, so she came to National Able Network!

Through National Able Network, Tonji would be able to receive assistance for CDL training, but first, she had to pass her Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE). Tonji studied for weeks to earn a passing score. With the help of her Career Coach, Rodney Hall and her Program Manager, Calvin Lewis, Tonji passed her TABE exam and was able to enroll in CDL training courses! Tonji is expected to earn her Class A License in just a few weeks! 


Shawn Crump

Shawn Crump’s primary goals when he came to National Able Network were to earn his bachelor’s degree, obtain additional certifications, and build relationships with Information Technology industry professionals that would lead to a stable and fulfilling career.

While working with his Career Coach, Kenneth Jones, Shawn was able to earn his bachelor’s degree and attended job fairs where he was able to build his network! It was at one of these job fairs that Shawn made a career-changing connection. Through hard work and a “never-give-up” attitude, Shawn is now happily employed and is continuing to support his family of seven!


Davita White

Davita White was out of work for more than a year when she heard about National Able Network through a former co-worker. She was hoping that Able could help her pursue better job leads, improve her interview skills, and find a way to “sell herself on paper.” Able met and exceeded Davita’s expectations! She began taking classes to improve her social media, networking, and interview skills, all while following job leads from her career coach. Davita also became an active participant in her Job Search Work Team, where she met with fellow job seekers to get feedback regarding her job search.

Davita felt her time at Able advanced her skills dramatically! Her improved networking skills helped her learn about a job she thought she would be perfect for: HR Administrative Coordinator. Sure enough, Davita was right! She is now back in the workforce and loving every minute of it!


Richard Gutierrez

Richard was looking for career guidance after being laid off from his job as a truck driver and quickly realized that working in Information Technology was a no-brainer for him. He enrolled in IT Career Lab and was impressed by the program; not only was it immersive and fast-paced, but the subject matter was complex!

While at times it was challenging to try and absorb so much information so fast, Richard worked hard and received his Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) certification. Since leaving IT Career Lab, he has been hard at work in IT, doing contract work as a PC technician! Richard is quick to praise Able for helping him figure out where he wanted to go, and then help him get there: “Able held my hand through the entire process.”







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